Keisha S Perkins

Front-end Developer

A front-end developer with 12+ years of experience creating on the web with a knack for optimizing work processes in order to produce more excellent results. By leveraging an iteration and expansion workflow, I've been able to diversify the data‑driven web solutions I offer clients and improve completion time by 25 percent. Fascinated by solution oriented design, I am excited to explore a software developer role where I can work with a team to develop and iterate on solutions for a variety of platforms.

Contact Information

Core Stengths

Strong Self-Teacher and Instructor

I began teaching myself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in 2016 and was teaching courses on the topic within three months of study. I regularly receive feedback from students that I made coursework engaging and understandable.

Naturally Curious

Whenever a new technology or platform is presented to me, I find new ways to use and implement the tool for the best end result. I am committed to life-long learning in order to stay abreast of technology trends.

Relishes Challenges and Learning Technologies

Each team I join, I find myself delving into the tech sack and learning all its ins and outs, often optimizing the way the team uses a piece of software.

Great Intuition for Problem Solving

One useful skill that has served me no matter what team I'm on is the ability to truly hear what is being asked of me, even if the asker can't quite articulate the need. Hearing and connecting the dots between details allows me to get a full picture of a problem before I begin solving it.

Career Highlights


Louisiana Office of Technology Services

2022 - Present

  • Designs, codes, compiles, tests, debugs, and documents new or existing applications within accepted standards, procedures and guidelines
  • Identifies, researches and resolves programming, data, or system software problems, frequently on an individual basis in consultation with other employees and/or users
  • Assists in the evaluation of feature and change requests to determine specific tasks and effects on existing programs and systems

Freelance Developer and Designer

KayEssPea Design

2011 - 2021

  • Used a diverse technology stack to meet client needs including CMS platforms such as WordPress and Expression engine was well as frontend frameworks such as React and Vue.
  • Utilized frameworks such as .NET and programming languages such as JavaScript and C# to build web applications.
  • Updated clients’ visual and web identities, garnering an average of 20% increase in revenue from project acquisition, products sold, and customer retention.

Coding Instructor

The Futures Fund

2017 - 2020

  • Instructed weekly classes in front-end development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript covering concepts like responsive design, semantic markup, and accessibility/a11y.
  • Devised core curriculum to be implemented on a program-wide level with the goal of transitioning students into lucrative and sustainable employment as software professionals.

Coding Instructor

Louisiana Women in Technology

2016 - 2020

  • Composed an original workshop that taught students fundamentals of programming and game design using JavaScript frameworks.
  • Contributed to program initiative planning and implementation.
  • Acted as a coach in the annual Ruby on Rails workshop.

Technologies and Proficiencies

HTML, CSS/Sass, JavaScript, Zoho, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD, JQuery, C#, React, Vue, WordPress, Asana, Expression Engine, Notion, Salesforce, Microsoft Office Suite


Bachelor of Arts

Louisiana State University


Communication Studies

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